The important thing with any workers compensation claim is why you have to claim. How you can optimize your worker's compensation claim depends on whether or not you have transferable skills in another department of your job. Many multinational companies are not purely dependent on manual labor, and there may be vacancies in a service or administration role.


The first thing to consider when pursuing a workers compensation claim in Adelaide is the level worker cover claims South Australiaof risk. A factory worker will be considered a higher risk than a secretary, and this will be considered in any compensation claim. There are also likely to be different types of injury. An office worker at their desk can often be affected by carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury due to repeated tasks involving the hands. A factory worker operating heavy machinery risks more acute injuries and so will be judged accordingly.

In some cases, the workplace can be adapted to be more conducive to the needs of a worker. If someone is paralyzed in an accident, there are various forms of alternative equipment that can be used. This is especially true in office work, where the company can adapt computers to be used by someone in a wheelchair.

This process is known as transferable skills analysis. It is an important process and covers a wide range of worker problems. It can also prove problematic, as certain physical illnesses such as chronic fatigue or mental illnesses such as depression are harder to detect in any analysis. There has to be suitable proof that the claimant cannot continue working in their current capacity.


In any claim, the costs must be considered. If a person is unable to work even after their long-term treatment, they may be entitled to a Social Security Disability benefit. Many claims are initially rejected, even if the claim seems legitimate. This is why it pays to have strong legal representation for the appeals process.

If however the company can not find a suitable alternative vacancy or can adapt to a physical or mental condition, this will mean having to fund a more long-term compensation claim. It is important that during the compensation process you consult your physician and report any symptoms to them. It can also prove useful if you can get a letter or certificate from a professional detailing your diagnosis.

The point of workers compensation is for the worker to get the full benefit from their employer. As well as financial benefit, the employer must be mindful of the needs of their workers. While it is important a worker is financially compensated, their physical, mental and emotional needs must also be met.

It may also be useful when discussing this with your employer! After all, the aim of workers compensation claims is to prevent litigation and employers are very mindful of this. If you remember these guidelines, you should get the compensation you deserve.