Guide To Buying Womens Breeches

The secret to a good horseback riding is starting with the right equipment. This will help you perform better and gives you the ability to compete with your counterparts. Breeches are the type of clothing that is closely associated with English equestrian riding. Made with the horseback rider in mind, it is woven to reduce the amount of fabric that comes in between the rider and the horse. Breeches were designed to allow the movement of the rider’s leg to be effectively communicated to the steed for an excellent riding experience. Whether you wear a pair for dressage, horse riding, events, racing or just practice, they allow the equestrians to enjoy any preferred style of riding.

Fitting Jodphurs

Breeches are tight-fitting pants that are made out of cotton-polyester fabric blend. They are designed to stretch out to maintain maximum comfort for the rider. Riding breeches should be comfortable to complement the rider’s skills. For quality, breeches should grip the saddle without harming the skin of the rider. They come in many colors, sizes, styles and types which are affected by the how the rider wishes to use the; practicing, racing, or showing. The English mainly use breeches for riding but many people from the western world enjoy their breathability and feel.


Women’s horse riding breeches are designed for specific types of riding. There are at least four major types of breeches: knee-patch, full-seat, jodhpurs, and jockey breeches. Knee patch breeches are designed to be worn with tall boots or paddock boots. They have a leather patch on the knee and end before the ankle. They can be worn by show jumpers, hunt seat riders, and endurance riders. Full seat breeches are commonly seen in dressage competitions. They contain an insert that runs from the knee, across the buttocks and down the inside of both legs. For enhanced protection from rubbing, the full-seat breech was designed with a gripping material that also helps to stay deep in the saddle.

Jodhpur breeches are commonly worn by children or by adults when they are taking lessons or a casual ride. They have elastic foot straps placed underneath the rider’s feet and are typically worn with garters to prevent movement. The Jockey breech is lightweight and thus making them the ideal choice for horse riding. Unlike it’s the rest, they are not form-fitting and are designed only to be worn with special jockey boots.

Women’s horse riding breeches are designed to keep the rider fashionable while riding. Just like any other sport, breeches are the ideal horseback riding equipment that offers safety and success.


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